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It’s one thing to start a business; it’s another to build and grow that business. Most businesses fail after 2 or 3 years of start-up but majority of those failures could have been prevented with proper knowledge and training. At


Specialized Courses

It is what a man knows that would feed him. Every business began with a skill; something the entrepreneur can do and is willing to do well. The Wumbb’s Start-up School organizes training courses for entrepreneurs and small businesses that combine


Continued Support

After you have taken any of our courses, we provide additional free services to ensure smooth setup and running of your business. Our support services include; business consulting, legal consulting, discount on other courses, financial aid and support, networking with

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Learn practical specialized and business skills that you can be immediately transform into a money making business.

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About Us


Start-up School is the training arm of The Wumbb. Over the course of our years working with entrepreneurs, we noticed that quite a number of people would like to own businesses and work for themselves but they are not able

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What Our Clients Say

I came to Start-up School with only my desire to be a web designer. I left with the skill and the business knowledge i needed to start my web design business.

Olaide Web Designer

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